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Inclusive Schools Caribbean

"Inclusive education, a human right, supports all learners and provides equitable access, participation, and reciprocal social relationships. Inclusive education increases post-school outcomes and celebrates the strengths, contributions, and potential of all students."
- Inclusive Schools Caribbean 

                                                                                   Our Work
Founded in 2021, Inclusive School Caribbean is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of
education for Caribbean students by building teacher capacity for inclusive teaching by:

  • Providing professional learning opportunities for teachers in training, in-service teachers, and school administrators. 

  • Supporting administrators in utilizing existing resources to foster inclusive cultures, and minimizing and eliminating barriers that impede learning. 

  • Advocating for educational policies, plans, and practices that are designed to support access and meaningful participation.

  • Increasing awareness of inclusive education through advocacy.

                                                                   Our Vision
Our vision is of a society where education is transformative and where all learners are celebrated, valued for their potential, and supported. 

                                                                 Our Mission
The mission of Inclusive Schools Caribbean is to improve the quality of education for all students by providing professional development, coaching, and training on inclusive practices that empowers and prepares teachers with the values and knowledge to teach and support all learners.


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