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Fortis & Friends Foundation

Inclusive Schools Caribbean (ISC) has partnered with Fortis & Friends Foundation to offer participating schools access to an asynchronous online learning module on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) - Core Ideas. UDL is an evidence-based educational framework that promotes inclusive and effective teaching practices. It recognizes that each student has unique learning needs and provides educators with the tools to create flexible and accessible learning environments that support the diverse range of students in their classrooms. By offering this online module, F3 and Inclusive Schools Caribbean are equipping schools with a evidence-backed approach that has the potential to positively impact the educational experience of all students, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds.


To ensure the successful implementation of UDL principles, Inclusive Schools Caribbean will facilitate workshops and establish a community of practice (CoP) among participating schools. These professional learning opportunities are designed to foster reflective practice and collaboration among teachers and schools. Reflective practice is invaluable for educators, as it encourages critical self-assessment and the continuous improvement of teaching methods. Through the community of practice, teachers will have the opportunity to share their experiences, insights, and challenges, ultimately learning from their colleagues and collectively enhancing their teaching practices. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the skills of individual educators but also cultivates a supportive network of professionals committed to inclusive and equitable education, fostering a positive and lasting impact on the students they serve.


Furthermore, as part of our commitment to equipping educators for equitable classrooms, participating schools will be granted access to ISC's self-paced e-learning modules, as they are developed. 

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