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Inclusive Schools Caribbean

Technical Assistance  

Inclusive Schools Caribbean is committed to supporting schools in:

  • Developing a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of inclusive practices. 

  • Fostering a culture of inclusion where students are empowered and have equal access to quality education, services, and support. 

  • Building teacher capacity in inclusive instructional practices through professional development, professional learning communities, and communities of practice. 

  • Engaging and leveraging parents, community, and stakeholder support.


Participating schools will receive training and technical assistance in designing and implementing inclusive practices, policies, and culture. Our facilitators will work with you to develop your expertise while delivering scalable, system-wide support to ensure sustainable improvements. Facilitators will meet with the team quarterly to build capacity around the identified priorities and will provide quarterly updates. This partnership requires a commitment at the administrative and school level. Interested in learning more about our consulting package? Contact us for more information.  

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